Our Process

Do you have a project you think might be a good fit for New England Sash Company?  We look forward to learning a bit about it!  For your convenience, we’ve prepared a brief description of how our projects typically unfold and what to expect.

1.  You’ve already gotten off to a good start by visiting nesash.com.  We encourage you to take some time to really peruse the site and see what it is that we do and offer. For a glimpse of what we’re working on currently, check out and follow us on our Instagram page - nesashco

2.  Now that you're more certain than ever that New England Sash Company is the best outfit to provide the work you need, the next step is to call and have a brief conversation with Justin describing your needs. Prior to the call take a thorough look at the window diagram on our site. Be prepared to answer basic questions about your needs including: whether you need sash or jambs (or both!), quantity, type (single hung, double hung), configuration (2/2, 6/6 etc.) and balance system (none, weight and pulley, etc.)

3.  Justin will aggregate this information and email you back within a business day with budgeting numbers.

4.  After taking a reasonable amount of time to consider, let us know if our numbers are within your budget.  If the answer is no, then we all move on.  If the answer is yes, Justin will reach out to you with a few brief emails or calls requesting enough specifics to allow him to provide an accurate quote. Here again, if there is any confusion, please refer to the diagram and glossary on our site.

5.  At this point, NESCO will prepare and send a quote, good for 30 days.  If you elect to accept the quote, Nesco will send a formal contract.

6.  Sign the contract and return it along with deposit to secure your place in our queue. NESCO will contact you with an estimated completion date.

7.  Upon completion, NESCO will contact you and arrange for final payment and pick up of your completed work!

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