New England Sash Company is a collaboration between President and sash maker Justin Smith and Treasurer Marc Bagala. Marc and Justin possess a combined 55 years of sash and window experience and expertise.


New England Sash Company (NESCO) focuses on producing traditional wooden sash, frames, storm sash and screens.  Double hung, single hung, fixed, transom, weight and pulley are our specialty. We do periodically produce traditional solid wood passage and entry doors as well as run various window related trim and moldings when needed. We focus our efforts exclusively to producing exceptional millwork and do not offer any glazing or painting. 


NESCO maintains a catalog of dozens of sticking profiles and are set up to grind tooling as necessary, so when we tell you we can match your existing sash or design - we mean it.  We won't try to shoe-horn you into something "close" for the sake of our convenience.  We choose the jobs we take on very carefully and limit ourselves to only doing one or two jobs at a time to ensure that we can devote all of our focus to completing your job on time and to a very high standard before moving on.


Our dedicated sash shop is located just outside Portland just off Rt. 95 in southern Maine.  The majority of our customers are within a 3 hour drive of our shop, although we are able to ship sash nation-wide.

Marc Bagala - Treasurer

Marc started his preservation journey twenty-four years ago, learning to make windows and doors energy efficient with Accurate Metal Interlocking Weatherstrip.  Expanding on this nearly-lost trade, he picked the brains of every preservationist he could find, to learn everything he could about architectural preservation and historic windows and doors.   Marc realizes he cannot save all the windows in the world that need saving, so now he teaches others what he knows, vicariously preserving windows through them.

When not working in the shop, he loves fishing, and learning about and trying to understand the physical world around us.  He enjoys spending time with Ann and their two grown sons, and he’s planning a trans-continental rail trip in the near future.

Justin Smith - President and Sash  Maker

Justin's evolution as a woodworker began with his graduation from the North Bennet St. School in 1985. Following a 5 year stint as a journeyman period furniture maker, Justin eventually found his calling and spent 6 years learning his trade at a custom traditional wooden window making shop in Vermont after which he opened Smith Restoration Sash in Providence, RI. While operating this bespoke window making shop, Justin founded SRS Hardware as a separate company to produce high-quality brass window hardware. After moving to Maine in 2015, Justin joined forces with Marc as NESCO. 

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